WiFi Tracker Varies with device

Source:Ian Hawkins

Ever wanted to sniff out and plot those elusive open WiFi access points?

This wi-fi scanner uses your GPS and WiFi in combination to scan for Wi-Fi hotspots, then saves their location to a file which you can then export a KML file to Google Earth , export to Kismet, or use realtime web uploads to scan and upload in realtime!

Excellent for wardriving and to scan lots of hotspots, can handle thousands of accesspoints without crashing.

Quite useful for site surveys (looking for unsecured Wi Fi access points), or surveying large areas.

The CSV export lets you export the data for manipulation in your favourite spreadsheet editor (Excel, OpenOffice / LibreOffice), or visualise access points using the KML export.

If you have any suggestions, drop me an email using the 'contact developer' link and I'll see what I can do!

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